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Request for Aid…..

Greetings to all who have supported and contributed to our broadcasts .
I have been producing these Dub ReVoluTion Radio Broadcasts for ten years now, the show started about 2005 on legendary Bristol Pirate station BS1, and not long after i started posting shows to the internet, when the station got busted we found a large audience online thru podcast sites like podomatic and itunes recieveing up to 30000 hits on some of the shows , but it not about hits, i reckon literally hundreds of people have had a direct involvement in the show , too many to name them all, but poets , muscians, mc’s and singers have featured in the shows , from the start we always tried to involve fresh talent not seeking after big names but instead encouraging and developing our own pool of talented people. and working with people who have a un developed talent building confidence and creativity , many people have held a mic for the first time with Dub ReVolution and have gone on to other projects. the studio has always been availabile for people to use, recording demos and various overdubs.
Always the technology has been basic, the early shows ramshakly so cobbling together cables from skips and found microphones to produce a raw lofi sound , but this has improved over the years and in the last 3 years with some kind donations and lends of quality equipment we have started to produce something i am proud of , raw live dub style mixing in effect with contributions from
an amazing crew of committed inspirational people and random guests coming together every Thursday night to share a creatiVe positive space, having fun together and being enpowered and healed thru the music and vibes we share. .

The show has always been free to listen to and download and we have never been paid by any of the stations we have broadcast thru, we have been offered sponsership or advertising but we always rejected such offers

However now here we are asking for money! , the reason is a double tech failure of dj mixer and soundcard and service work urgently needed on record deck , we have had some kind donations of a pc and a laptop that should sort our streaming problems and been running some tests and hopefully we will be back on air soon with a basic set up, begged and borrowed and recycled but long term the things that are broken need replacing and if we are to keep broadcasting every week we need to invest in some new kit . So i put together a wish list and i asking all supporters who can spare some cash to donate . Don’t worrry if it not much, everything helps and if you haven’t got a penny just share some love and if you haven’t got any love come and dance with us. :-)

New Dj MiXer – £300
New soundcard- £100
New Cartridges and styluses for decks – £120
New Microphone – £80

Obviously we will buy cheaper alternatives if these targets are not met or continue with current low grade options but the soundcard , dj mixer and work on the deck are essential asap for the show to continue. So please my friends share some prosperity with us if you can and we will keep streaming positive vibrations to you.
One LoVe

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Bust Out !

Busting out of babylon mentallity and conciousness with the aid of a Roots Reggae and Dub selection coming from a spiritual perspective . This music is played To open our hearts and uplift our spirits. LiVe singers and players in the mix include Sister Faith singing, Sister Tina on melodica and percusssion, Brother TechJo Rapping, from JA Brother Pablo singing, Ms Rumble on whistle and flute, Sister Natasha wailing, Pickle in the flow, Brother Felix (dj Feline ) coming thru with some vibes . Mark Dub on the miX. Spiritual guidance and vibes coordination from the Dancing Fool
Recorded live Feb 5th 2015 in Dub ReVoluTion Studio Bristol Uk.

Bust Out ! by Dub Revolution ! on Mixcloud

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Fire MiX comes with hot dub steppers selection to burn away all bad minds and bring us back to healing positiVe meditations.

Dub ReVoluTion! is a meeting of people from many tribes, on this show they include GanjaMan Fire on Vocals, Brother Bradley singing, Sister Faith wailing, Sister Martina on recorder , , Brother FeliX rapping, Hailie Bless -Vibes, Vocals + Desk , Brother Tenzin chanting + flute, Rob A Dub on percusiiion, TechJo chanting , Sister Meli and Lois on percussion, and Mark dub Selecting and Mixing. This is a section from full 4 hour show first broadcast on January 22nd 2015.

Fire! by Dub Revolution ! on Mixcloud

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Roots and Ting – Mark Dub Dj set at Thee Star and Garter – BrisTol

roots and ting star

every wednesday night Mark Dub runs some tunes at a local Jamacian owned pub in Bristol. He been playing here for 20 years now and enjoys the chance to share some nice music with people.
Take a listen to this mix of a session recorded live there in December 2014

Roots and Ting – LiVe from the Star and Garter by Dub Revolution ! on Mixcloud

It features Dappa Don of the Players and George on the microphone and features a roots to concious roots dancehall selection.
star and mag sep2014 063

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Radio Jan 2015- Fisha Meets i-LoDiCa in Dubplate Meltdown…

Featuring some selecTion you haven;’t heard before inna Dub Plate special with eXclusiVe selecTion from young BrisTol Producer Johnny Fisha showcasing some of the next generation of Bristol Sounds with tunes from himself, Dub Renasaince and Evermore sound. and coming thru with the future dub sounds i-LoDicA with dubs from The Bracketeers and DogDub and his own works with various producers. All taking place in BrisTol at Dub ReVoluTioN studios with a full crew of singers and players from the ReVoluTionary family vibing on the versions. Ms Rumble on whistle, , FeliX on the Mic, Natasha and Dee singing, Brother Jay Vibing , i-LoDicA on Melodica , Techjo chanting, Brother Rob on Percussion and coming thru with the Didge, Flute and chants from Tibet The “Yeti- Fari’ Crew .

Dubplate REvoluTioN ! by Dub Revolution ! on Mixcloud

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DJ Feline (MC EFEX) Meets Brother Fabio

New MiX online now features one of our first sessions of 2014 with not one but two guest djs first up from the Tru Sound Tribe the sounds of Dj Feline followed by special guest selection from a visitor to Bristol from Brazil Brother Fabio, vibes high and escate when we joined by the Rainbow Ninja and his Steel pan hang drum and Ms Rumble and her whistle

DJ Feline (MC EFEX) Meets from Brazil BROTHER FABIO at Dub REVoluTioN ! by Dub Revolution ! on Mixcloud

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Winter Solstice 2014

DuB ReVoluTioN! – Winter Solstice 2014 by Dub Revolution ! on Mixcloud

Thru the longest night music plays, Roots reggae and dub from mark and a special guest Dj set this time from Tech Joe with some different styles and he also chanting on the mic. Vocals from Bradley , Melodica and songs from I-lodica, Chanting and Vibes from the Tibetian mountain crew Tenzin and Tenzin in full effect, Percusiion from Melli and Charlie, Selection and mix from Mark. Tune in to the full live show every Thursday night on Radio rastafari

more radio and croft dec sol 041




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Tear Down Babylon !

Tearing down babylon mentallity with music , we come together to share vibrations and communicate Reliving the fustration of living in a world of sufferation and oppression , generating freedom thru creativity and sharing.
Dub ReVoluTioN!

Tear Down Babylon ! by Dub Revolution ! on Mixcloud

This mix features Saxophone from Brother Piers and Sister Sabrina, Percussion from Meli, R Ninjah on the mic, Vocals from Sister Faith, Yeti Boys Tenzin, Aj and Bob on Flute and chants and Didge, Bug Poo whistles and Thumb Piano, Rob A Dub on percussion and some special guest vibes from the Royal Empress
Edited Version of original show broadcast liVe on November 20th 2014. Tune in to the live show every Thursday night from 8pm Gmt. on Last 2 weeks shows Repeated Saturday afternoons from Midday Gmt thru till 8pm gmt.. Tune in and share the vibrations.
One LoVe .

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PsyDub Special with Snowdrop (full 4 hour show!)

radio session december 10th 2014 007

DuB ReVoluTioN with special guest set from Snowdrop by Dub Revolution ! on Mixcloud

radio session december 10th 2014 050

radio session december 10th 2014 004

Full radio show in session . Full Dub REvolution ! Crew in action featuring special guest Psydub selection from Snowdrop. Singers and Players included, Our Ninja on hang and Vocals , Rachel on Flute, Sister Jordanne singing , Ms Rumble on whistle and perccusssion, , FAith singing, Techjo rapping and technical assistance, , Aj on percussion, Pickle rapping, Sister Soul REbel, The Yeti Boys , Sister Tina,

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LiVe ReVoluTioN – July 2014

Tape from ReVoluTionary DuB Family Gathering in BrisTol July 2014 with a massive LiVe crew including Knatty P on Mic, Gail Force on SaX, Vocals from Liberty, Vocals and melodica from Ella Mental , Kev Poet hosting and sax and percussion, Brother Rob A Dub on percussion , Ms Rumble on Whistle and percussion, King Slim on Melodica, Sister Soul Rebel on melodica and vocals, Special Guest from Germany the Plagwizzard on Sax , Melodica and flute, Selection and mix from Mark. vibes from Creation..

LiVe ReVoluTioN ! by Dub Revolution ! on Mixcloud

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