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LiBerTy + Faith = reVoluTioN!

Big Goddess energy on this one, Roots Reggae in the miX but treated creaTivly with live fx , sound treatments and family vibes from liVe singers and players in the miX , Liberty and Faith smashing it on vocals with full support from Tina on Melodica and percussion, Meli on percussion and backing vocals , Sister Soul Rebel on melodica and vocals and vibes, Rob A Dub making his vocal debut and as always spreading some vibes, SisTer Gabrielle and some more people that don’t want their names all over the internet. SelecTion and mix from Mark.

LiberTy + FaiTh = ReVoluTioN ! by Dub Revolution ! on Mixcloud

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Dub reVoluTion Welcomes the Plagwizzard

Plagwizzard outta Leipzig Germany arriVes in Bristol for the first time carrying his flute and saX and a full crew of reVoluTionarues assembled to welcome him in a traditional reVolutionary dubjam fashion. Selection this time coming from the roots with warm revival styles warming our hearts and minds. Guests include Kp KeV the Poet, Rob A Dub, Ms Rumble, Liberty , King SliM and Melly.

Inna roots reggae style – DuB ReVoluTioN Greets the Plagwizzard by Dub Revolution ! on Mixcloud

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Open Your Heart !

Open your Heart by Dub Revolution ! on Mixcloud

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DuBPlate !1:01

radio july 31st 037

more radio july 6th 012

more radio july 6th 027

Spontaneous Jams on RaW Hard FuTure DuBs – unmastered unreleased ridddims from Urban FoX, TNT Roots , King Fisha, EqualiZer, Madplate and Techjo. giVen The Dubrevolution crew treatment of sacred sound healing chamting mystical vibrational improvisations on top of these heavy dangerous heavy sub bass soundscapes .
feAtures a full crew of DuB ReVoluTionaries sharing the vibrations
KeV the PoeT playing sAX and ranting phlosophy, LiBerty wailing prophecies, R Ninja on Hang and chanting, Sister Soul Rebel on Melodica and Vibes, A Poem from BreeZe, Sister Soul Rebel bringing Vibes, Brother like i-LoDicA passes thru with a song and some melodica and percussion, melodica KiNg Slim, PercussionRob A DuB, Ms BreeZe on whistle and Percusssion, Meli on ViBes. Vibes Co-ordination from the Dancing Fool, MiX MarK DuB .
recorded LiVe Summer 2014 in duB ReVoluTion Studio . BrisTol .
DuB reVoluTion LiVe Thursday+Saturday night on
One LoVe

DuBplaTe !1:01 by Dub Revolution ! on Mixcloud

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RaDio June Full Moon 2014

pictuyres radio june full moon 072

Full Moon and full power dreaming together the music flows and together we sing the words not coming from any plan but straight from our hearts, we listen to each other move in riddim and harmonise.
Rainbow Ninja on steel pan drum and vocals, SisTer rebel Soul chanting and percussion and whistles, Becky and Sophie on flutes and whistles and drums, LiBerty and Faith on Vocals ,with vibes from SisTer iEVA special guest apperances from’Bad Boy’ Emerson and Jay and Brothers Joe and Rob pon riddim. SelecTioN and Mix from Mark.
pictuyres radio june full moon 068

-DuB ReVoluTioN! – Full MooN – June 2014 - by Dub Revolution ! on Mixcloud

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ReVoluTionary dub radio JuNe 7th 2014

Inna Concious Dub Style starts inna future dub style and chills out to a roots selection and features full Dub ReVoluTionary crew including Rainbo Ninjah on hang Drum and Vocals , Sister LiBerty singing, Sister Soul Rebel rapping, whistles and percussion from the Bug Poo crew, Vibes and acoustics from The Dancing Fool, and more percusssion from Meli, Mark dub on tha selection and miX using natural acoustics and feedback

Concious ReVoluTioN! by Dub Revolution ! on Mixcloud

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ReVoluTionary Dub Radio May 2014

more dub 2014 014
First hour of this show was a special guest mix from the Rainbow Ninjah in session with nuff eXclusive tunes
more dub 2014 022

Rainbo Ninjah selecTioN by Dub Revolution ! on Mixcloud

2nd half features Ben Tree, Ninja on Vocals and Hang , Sister Ieva, Meli and Rumble

More ReVoluTioN! by Dub Revolution ! on Mixcloud

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Nice show featuring full crew in effect.
Mystic Melodica and Vocals from Ilodica, Mc Dipo Kolojo, Rainbow Shaman Hymn, sweet voice of Ieva, Percussion and Whistle from Ms Rumble, Sista Soul Rebe chanting , and the Tibetian singing sensation Tenzing

ReVoluTionarY DuB ManifesTo by Dub Revolution ! on Mixcloud

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DuB ReVolution! LiVe in Deutschland 2014

Mark Dub and Kev the Poet and the Dancing Fool were travelling together in Germany Spring 2014. Doing some liVe shows and studio works and linking and sharing dub healing vibration where ever we go. Blessed to connect with some lovely people and communities all along the way.

20th of March we played a warm up for the tour at the regular Plug Dub Cafe in Leipzig, Every 2 weeks people get together to cook and share food and roots reggae music, Blessed to meet with Leipzig selectors Jonah Vibes and Miles Won and get our first taste of the improvements made in the Plug Dub System since our last visit. Gig which we were told had to finish at 1 is cut short at 2 by neighbour coming on to dancefloor and cussing out the selector for a good five minutes, music is turned down for 5 minutes but soon creeps back up in volume and is still pumping out when we leave at 3…
plugdub cafe
Dub ReV.s Kp and Mark joined by old friend rapping Flipster and new fire singing Sister Sherin .

22nd of March we in Leipzig playing on the mighty Plagdub Soundsytem in the yard at Karl Helga , A Deep underground roots dub session happening monthly on Karl Helga Wagonplatz , this was our 3rd visit here. Always a pleasure to play in such a strong independant venue….blessed with strong support from Munich’s Siren Sisters and Mc. Treasure Irie , hype vibes and the crowd going crazy , nice session

Plug Dub ReVoluTioN! Leipzig, Karl Helga by Dub Revolution ! on Mixcloud

Then on the Monday we had a little street jam on the bridge in klara park ….

26th of March we made very welcome in Berlin playing at Roots corner with Irieland Sound system .
roots corner
Irieland sound tuff and deep and it nice to meet and share vibes with Jah Glue and Roots Rocket, Ras Lion, Julie Oneness Sista Sherin and Kp in full effect,

RooTs Corner- BerliN _ feaTuring Kp and SisTa SHeriN – DuB ReVoluTioN! by Dub Revolution ! on Mixcloud

27th of March we be doing our radio show live from Leipzig at thursday eve dub.lounge in the hackerspace.

SuB Lab- Leipzig- Dub ReVoluTioN! by Dub Revolution ! on Mixcloud

28th March we visited the Dub Station in Kaulitz for the first time , an independant venue based in an old railway station in the beautifull german forest, there a community based around this building with a wagonplatz along the side of the old railway track and people living in various structures in the woods, pleasure to be accepted here as part of this lovely community and the session on the friday night is full of vibes with the full community from young to old coming together to dance hard and share some upfull vibrations



4th April back for the 2nd time at the Jeckell and Hyde Club in Luneburg alongside Gaggledub at the session organised by I=Rebel fresh from the Rebel Farm studios with inspiration from creaTion… .

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LiVe at the Farm – 15th March 2014

A blessed session! Knatty P chanting , Gail Force and Piers blowing sax , SteVie Congo and Marcella on percusssion, and special guest singer Sister Dee, one hour of selection from the Rasta Fairy tooo!

LiVe DuB ReVoluTioN ! KnaTTy P , Gail Force, SteVie ConGo, Dee , Marcella – in session by Dub Revolution ! on Mixcloud


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