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Spiritual reVoluTion !

The ReVoluTion is not an external exent that you hear about on the news but a change that starts in your own heart and transforms your every moment. Join us on a journey together thru some classic roots reggae music and our own playfull creativity we start a revolution in ourselves and each other .
special guests from CCTV allstars Mr Eddy Allen singing playing guitar, keys .and A Master Drummer from Afrika Mr Sidi Man , join revolutionary regulars Natural Elementz , , Sister Tina , Brother rob A Dub , Heartcore Fran and Smile and Stride Jessie . Mix and selection and a bit of chat from Mark Dub.
Recorded LiVe in Bristol June 9th 2016 ,

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Rise !

In these difficult times we come together to share music , herbs and knowledge and inspire each other and ourselves with our creativity. this enables us to keep on rising up no matter what obstacles are in our way . giving Thanks for Life .
Roots selection mixed down inna deep dub style Featuring Live Singers and Players including Brother Zimba chanting fire and beating on a drum , Sister Hannha, singing, percussion and vibes . Sister Rebel Soul on keys and vibes , Heartcore Life Vibes from Sister Fran , melodica from Prof Emerson . MiX and selection by Mark Dub .
These are edited highlights from a 4 hour LiVe ReVolutionary Dub Broadcast on May 5th 2016.
tune in to the live show every Thursday after 8pm GMT on
or catch the repeats Saturday afternoon from midday right thru till 8pm
One LoVe

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Groundation Day – Big Roy meets Dub ReVoluTion!

Groundation Day – The anniversary of Haile Selasie’s visit to Jamaica and in the Dub RevolutioN studio we recieve a visit from a Jamaxian Rasta elder, the legendary Big Roy aka U Roy Jr. , a long time Bristol resident, comes with music and vibrations throwing down selections with liVe toasting he takes us on a musical journey telling us of his character , spiritual beliefs and the full story of his recent encounters with the police. .
Communicating with and inspiring the Dub ReVoluTion crew who this week include Ms Rumble on flute and melodica, Talith on percussion , Beatboxing and a little vocals , Jessie on melodica and vocals , Fran channeling the Heartcore Vibrations , King Slim on seaboard, and Mark Dub mixing down with Echo, reVerb and Fx ,
This is an edited version of a 3 hour mix from Roy broadcast LiVe as part of the Dub ReVoluTion show on 21st April 2016,

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Synchro FloW !

dub reVoluTioN ! coming into synchronisation with the universe , ourselves and others. thru music and creativity
A Musical journey featuring some fresh creative works from the extended ReVoluTionary family……
features lyrics and songs and melodys from the book of i-LodicA , raps and vibes from Smile and Stride Jessie, Synchro flows from Rebel Soul, Seaboard from King Slim , Percussion , vocals , beatbox and percussion from Talith, Melodica and a bit of Vocals from Tina and special guest Vocals and percussion from the Ukraine Nataliya and Katya.
This is edited highlights of a 4 hour live broadcast on the 31st March 2016.
You can catch the LiVe show every Thursday night after 8pm Gmt and every Saturday Afternoon from 12 midday right thru till 8pm on

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LiVe Broadcast Every Thursday Night on Radio rasTaFari . Dub ReVoluTioN !

Every Thursday Night From 8pm Gmt till late we play some music and share some musical vibes………..

audio at

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Inner man – Ras Bruno meets Dub Revolution! inna conscious upfull roots style

First single from Dub reVoluTion !
Available now

inner mann

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Return to Earth !

Serious message about moving away from the plastic commerciial world where everything is for sale and reconnecting to nature and each other.
Selection starts in a JA roots style and progresses thru some dub poetry to some heavy dub steppers.
Full crew of LiVe Singers and Players in the studio.
Features 2 flutes from Ms Rumble and Martina, Melodica and vocals from Tina, Percussion from Jessie, and the return of Jay on Vocals and a special guest vocal and a bit of melodica from Professer Emerson. Selection and Mix from Mark. full crew on Percusssion and Vibes…
This is an edited version from an original 4 hour show broadcast at the end of January 2016 on

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Roar Mix!

Dub ReVoluTion crew Roaring out a message of Peace love and unity….. ,
running some classic riddims inna 90′s JA style to warm up then into the deep and heavy future dub selection , joining us on the journey this week Hazel , Megan and Rowan on vocals , percussion and whistle , Yeti Fari Bob and Tenzing singing out, Sister Tina on melodica and vocals , Rob A Dub and Tech Joe on hang and vibes, and a little bit of flute from Martina. Mix and selection by Mark.
This is an edit from a live 4 hour show broadcast December 12th 2015. Tou can tune in live every Thursday night or catch the repeats Saturday afternoon from 12 midday right thru till 8pm on

Roar! by Dub Revolution ! on Mixcloud

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Let it Go !

Letting go of our worries and fears and finding unity in bass and drum vibration, latest Dub reVoluTion MiX is a steppers session featuring plenty of future dub plates , a heavy dub mix and a full crew of liVe singers and players.
features Kev The Poet singing from his heart, from the mountains of Tibet Yeti Fari on Didge , percussion and chanting, Soul rebel on percussion , melodica and vocals, Sister Tina singing, percussion and melodica, Martina on flute, percussion from Rob A Dub, Special Guest in the mix Donald Trump ! . Selection and Dub Mix from Mark.
This is a one hour mix from a original 4 hour show broadcast in November 2015. We back live on every thursday night and Saturday afternoon.

Let it go ! by Dub Revolution ! on Mixcloud

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Roots SelecTioN !

Published the night of the Winter SolsTice 2015. Some Vibes to get you tHru the longest night and celebrate the coming light..
Roots Reggae SelecTioN – Vocals and Dubs with liVe dub remiX sound system style.
Posted To mark the solstice this miX features KP (knowledge is Power) a bard of the Drudic Order sharing some Ancient wisdom and positive future afffirmatons and visualisations with Brother Tallith (aka Nomad ) chatting in Arabic, Hebrew and Spanish , and Sister TinA singing and jamming melodica .Percussion from Rob A Dub and the crew.

This is a edit from a 4 hour ReVoluTionary Dub broadcast liVe NoVember15th 2015 on . Catch the show LiVe Every Thursday Night after 8pm and every saturday afternoon from Midday GMT on

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